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An African wildlife safari in Xakanaxa will enchant you with mopane forests and winding waterways

Renowned for its beauty, Xakanaxa (pronounced Ka-ka-na-ka) lies on the banks of the Khwai River and the Xakanaxa Lagoon. It’s in the very heart of the Moremi Game Reserve and one of the most beautiful areas you’ll ever go on an African wildlife safari. From riverine forests to serpentine channels, seasonal floodplains, and open savannah, this area offers spectacular wildlife and birding all year long. Leopard, cheetah, and a wide variety of antelope are always around.


This beautiful area is packed with game of all types. In Xakanaxa, you’ll discover a diverse habitat with prolific wildlife sightings of elephant, buffalo, hyena, hippo, wildebeest, kudu, giraffe, lion, leopard, and cheetah among many others. This game-rich area is especially spectacular in the spring and summer during breeding season. Xakanaxa offers a little bit of everything you could want on an African wildlife safari. You could even have the opportunity in the lagoon to spot the rare Sitatunga antelope.


The swampy areas of Xakanaxa are home to many incredible birds including the African Rail, Coppery-tailed Coucal, Black Coucal, and Red-chested Flufftail. The floodplains are also home to the Black Crake, Chirping Cisticola, Purple Swamphen, and Allen’s Gallinule, just to name a few. It’s impressive birding all year long on an African wildlife safari in Xakanaxa.


Located in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve, Xakanaxa is on the edge of the Khwai River and the Xakanaxa Lagoon. It’s a diverse landscape with permanent lagoons, waterways, and dry woodlands. A truly wild region, you’ll range far to explore the varied habitat and unique ecosystem. Xakanaxa is a stunning panorama that feels a little like paradise. All year long, the landscape of Xakanaxa is spectacular and a premier African wildlife safari destination.

More Adventure to Experience

This area of the Okavango Delta offers year-round water safari experiences. Though this is not something we typically offer, we may be able to work with you to set up a boat or mokoro ride through the lagoons for a peaceful and unique-to-Botswana opportunity.


Two of our Safari’s explore the fascinating Xakanaxa area: our 10-Day tour and our 7-Day tour of Xakanaxa and Khwai.

10-Day Tour

Xakanaxa to Khwai to Savuti

7-Day Tour

Xakanaxa to Khwai