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Botswana Adventure Safaris

10-Day & 7-Day Safaris

Safaris Focused on You

Botswana Adventure Safaris

10 Day & 7 Day Safaris

Safaris Focused on You


Get the most out of your Botswana safari vacation! Check out our 7 and 10-day safari packages covering the best locations in Botswana. 

10-Day Safari

Xakanaxa to Khwai to Savuti

7-Day Safari

Khwai to Savuti

7-Day Safari

Xakanaxa to Khwai

Why choose brave africa for your safari?

We focus on the experience—keeping you out on game drives and in the wilds of Botswana as much as possible, so you spend your time seeing the animals and not napping at camp.

Close your eyes and picture your ideal safari. Are you imagining it? Do you see yourself lost in the wilderness almost totally alone—just you, your car, your guide, and the animals? Do you see yourself out on a game drive as often as possible, seeing as many animals and experiencing as much as you can?

That’s what we picture as the safari experience and that’s why we started Brave Africa.

We’re not a safari company that tries to pack as many people as we can into a car or at our camp. Every car maxes out at six people (two people per row). Meaning there’s no unwanted middle seat and everyone gets to sit right on the edge. We also keep our camp small with no more than twelve guests at a time—just two cars—so you can enjoy an intimate safari experience.

That small size also means that we have the opportunity to cater your safari experience to you. Want to be out on a game drive all day long? We can and will do that! Want to get an even earlier start for a chance to see something spectacular? We do that too! Learn more about what it’s like to go on safari with us here.

A Brave Africa adventure safari is about the unexpected—the animals, the scenery, the untouched beauty. That means that we don’t waste your vacation money on unnecessary luxuries you’ll never have time to enjoy. You’re in Africa! The last thing you want to do is spend most of your time in your tent; you want to be out in the Botswana wilderness seeing the animals, so that’s where we focus on time, attention, and your money. We believe in creating an African safari experience that’s all about what you really want—spending time with lions, African painted wolves, hippos, elephants, giraffes, leopards, and more.

Contact us today to plan your Brave Africa adventure safari!

A Safari under canvas should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Our tents are set up for you with flushing toilets, plush mattresses, lots of space, and a bucket shower that you’ll brag about experiencing to all your friends. It’s a safari how it was meant to be: up close and personal with the animals and the stunning landscapes of Botswana. And Botswana is incredible.

While most people think Kenya or Tanzania are the places to be for great migration, what they’re not considering is the number of people they’re going to have to compete against. In the Serengeti, you’ll have to share whatever incredible animal you find with dozens of other cars. That’s not a safari; it’s a theme park.

Botswana is completely different. It’s one of the least densely populated countries in the world and that’s reflected on your safari experience. Few tourists consider Botswana as a safari destination, but it offers untouched wilderness and an in-your-face safari experience you can’t get anywhere else. Similar in size to Kenya, Botswana has few crowds, few insects, doesn’t require an entry visa, and offers a wealth of unique scenery from deserts to forests, marsh lands, savannahs, and more.

If you’re looking for a safari experience that offers adventure, unbelievable wildlife viewing, and a safari tailored to you, you want Brave Africa. Our goal is to make you fall so in-love with Botswana that you can’t imagine visiting anywhere else. After all, that’s what happened to us!

What Our guests Say About Us!

Going on a Brave Africa safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll want to enjoy over and over again! But don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our satisfied guests have had to say about us.

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    star rating  Amazing experience, phenomenal staff and I will be back for sure as soon as I am able. The mobile Safari aspect compared to the ones that do the stationary lodges... read more

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    star rating  I don’t even know where to start in describing our African adventure with Brave Africa. It’s been a month and I still can’t contain my awe and excitement. ... read more

    Sheree F

    star rating  We went on a safari by Brave Africa in September, 2019. From the moment, we were picked up at the Khwai River Airstrip by Mr. Tabona Wina, we knew... read more


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