As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the best Botswana safari holiday experiences in 2023! It was a truly incredible year, and the entire Brave Africa team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you. This year has been wonderful, and it’s largely because of your support and enthusiasm for the adventures we offer in beautiful Botswana.

2023’s Best of Botswana Safari Holiday

Here are a few highlights from 2023 that we wanted to share with you! Let us know your favorites in the comments. Then, email us at [email protected] or contact us on our website to plan your 2024 safari adventure!

Walking with Buffalo in Khwai

One of our favorite Botswana safari holiday memories happened in July, when a family of five FINALLY joined us on safari after postponing since 2020. They came for their daughter’s birthday, and on one very special day, they walked for three hours in the middle of a huge herd of buffalo. It was incredibly magical and an experience to remember forever!


Traditional Night Dinner

We have to highlight every time we celebrated traditional Botswana night for dinner and shared Botswana BBQ, dancing, singing, and fellowship with our guests. These are always some of our favorite evenings after a great safari day.


Elephants Visit Camp

Elephants at Safari Camp

A shout-out to every single time elephants joined us at camp, so our guests could enjoy the herd just outside of their tent. It’s always a memorable Botswana safari holiday experience. And we always try to choose our campsites specifically to have the BEST chance of animals at camp.


Traditional Bread-Making in the Bush

We loved making fresh-baked bread in the bush with some of our younger guests. It’s a great activity if you want a break from going out on game drives or if you just want to experience something different and unique.


Up Close Time with Lions

We always love getting to spend alone time with the wildlife. This year, in particular, we had a lot of close-up experiences with lions. In this instance, we enjoyed a lioness and her sister with a still-suckling cub! These types of encounters happen all the time while on safari, but they are always memorable.


Safari Activities for Children: Archery

Kids have the best time at Brave Africa! Not only do they get to enjoy our regular safari experiences, but we also have special kids-only programming for extra fun. On one of our favorite family trips this year, our two young guests participated in an archery competition with each other, and had an absolute blast! It’s just one of our fabulous safari activities for children.

Rare Cheetah Sighting!

Cheetahs are a rare sight! They usually travel alone and are very skittish. But on this day, a cheetah gave our Brave Africa guests an awesome sighting by hanging around and marking a tree right in front of them. It was a dream come true for our guests and our team. These sightings and so many more are what make a truly unforgettable Botswana safari holiday!


Hyena Cackle Experience

Watching scavangers do what scavangers do! This hyena clan ( or cackle) enjoyed their meal right in front of our vehicle. And one adventurous hyena even decided to check us out to see if we had anything more to offer. We did not. But we always appreciate a close-up!


Lion Pride Enjoying a Kill

It is a rare but special opportunity to watch a large pride of lions eating a fresh kill. But on this special Botswana safari holiday during the summer, our guests got to experience it. Our amazing guide, Wina, discovered a recently hunted buffalo with an entire pride of lions still feasting on their prey (cubs included). And our guests got to sit there for hours and just enjoy the spectacle.


Every Sundowner!

Sundowners are, without a doubt, one of our favorite times on safari. We take a break from looking for wildlife to just sit and soak in the beauty of Botswana. Our guide finds an incredibly beautiful spot in the bush. Then, we get out the drinks and snacks, and everyone enjoys the breathtaking Botswana sunset. There are few views better.


Lion Roar

There are hundreds more Botswana safari holiday experiences we could share with you, but we’ll end with one of our favorite sounds in the bush: the lion’s roar.



Enjoy Our 2023 Best of Botswana Safari Holiday Reel

Each Botswana safari holiday in 2023 has been a unique journey, filled with unforgettable experiences. We hope your time with us has left you with cherished memories and stories to tell for years to come. Your trust in us is not something we take for granted, and we look forward to welcoming many of you back in the future.
Thank you once again for choosing Brave Africa for your Botswana adventure. Here’s to many more journeys together!
—The Brave Africa Team