Botswana Safari Safety: What You Need to Know!

Botswana Safari Safety: What You Need to Know!

“I’m so worried! I’ve seen the videos online. Is a Botswana safari safe and what happens if things go wrong?” We know you are concerned about Botswana safari safety and that you want to have a magical trip with no worries. So, what do you need to know?

We have discussed “Is an African Safari Safe?” on our blog before, but we thought we would touch on the topic again and bring up a few more things. There are many ways we keep you safe on safari, and there are many ways to keep yourself safe. So, let’s talk about it!

And YES your kids are safe and welcome, too!

Safari Animal Safety

safari guests safetyAre you going to be eaten by a lion? Is an elephant going to run over your vehicle? Is a leopard going to run through camp and enter your tent? You are in the wild, so everything is possible. Right?

“I have seen safari videos online. It is dangerous! How can you protect safari guests from animals attacking? Are animal attacks common on safari?”

The short answer is, “Animals are not dangerous on safari if you follow the rules and act smartly.” Those videos exist because they get millions of views and, thus, a lot of money. They are viral videos because dangerous situations on safari are so rare, and as such, they are newsworthy.

If you have a reputable guide and stay at a reputable lodge, you should not worry about animals when it comes to Botswana safari safety. Here’s why.

Safari Guides and Safety

No guide would ever put a guest in danger! In fact, guides undergo years and years of training to ensure guest safety at every moment. And yes, this means guest safety even when interacting with animals.

  • Animal Behavior: Reputable and experienced safari guides have spent years studying animal behavior to know how and when to interact with the many animals you will encounter on safari. Your guide will be able to tell you when an animal is stressed, when they need space, when it is safe to approach, how close to approach, and everything in between.
  • Situational Awareness: Nature can always be unpredictable; that is why safari guides are also trained to never put themselves or their guests in a situation where there is no easy escape. It is one of the first rules of Botswana safari safety. This means that your guide will not drive your vehicle into an area where they could not easily get you to safety if the situation calls for it. Your safety is always their first priority.
  • Safety Over Photography: We know that guests go on safari to get incredible photos and videos that will last a lifetime. But your guide will never prioritize your pictures over your health and safety or the health and safety of the animal. So, sometimes you might have to sacrifice the “perfect picture” for a safe experience.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more insight!

Safari Camp Safety

Brave Africa guest tent at nightWhat about at camp? “I have seen your canvas tents. How is that safe? Animals could break into your tent or come through camp at any time!”

We love it when animals visit camp, and so do our guests. That is part of what makes a mobile safari camp so attractive: the chance to sleep and interact with animals where they live. And who doesn’t want to wake up to elephants drinking at the nearby river?

The key to remaining safe at your safari camp is listening to your guide, following the camp rules, and using common sense. Another key to Botswana safari safety is always remembering that we are visiting the animals’ home, so you must respect it!

Camp Rules

To ensure your safety at camp, there are a few critical rules you will need to follow.

  1. Never walk anywhere at night without a guide! When the sun sets at camp, you cannot walk anywhere you want. Night is the most dangerous time, and so you will be walked around camp and to and from your tent by someone on staff. This is for your safety and the safety of our staff.
  2. Never leave your tent at night! Once you enter your tent at night, stay inside. There is never an excuse to leave your tent at night. Yes, you will hear a lot of noises outside, but the animals will never bother your tent. You are safe inside. Do not go outside to look. Listen, enjoy the experience, and then ask your guide in the morning what happened. All sorts of animals come by camp at night, and they have night vision while you do not.
  3. Do not approach any animals without permission. If animals come into the camp, do not approach them unless you are with your safari guide and they give permission and show you how to approach safely and appropriately. In most cases, we do not want to interact with the wildlife directly for everyone’s safety and comfort.

Plan your safari experience with Brave Africa today!

Safari Vehicle Safety

safari elephant close contact

One concern we often encounter when it comes to Botswana safari safety are our open safari vehicles. Unlike in Kenya and Tanzania, most Botswana safari vehicles are open to the environment with no doors or windows, and it can seem unsafe if you have never been on a safari before.

“Can animals jump into the car and eat us on safari? What happens if an animal charges us? What about the vehicle getting stuck in the African bush?”

The first thing to know about your safari vehicle safety is that the vehicle has been specifically designed for an amazing safari experience. Our vehicles are entirely customized to ensure your safety and comfort on safari. We talk all about them in this blog. For now, let’s focus on safety.

Safari Car Safe Practices

There are many ways we practice Botswana safari safety during game drives in our open-air vehicles. Here is what you need to know.

  • Listen to your guide. The first key to safari vehicle safety is to listen to your guide. They will tell you how to be safe near the animals inside the vehicle. This means:
    • Never leave the car unless your guide gives the okay.
    • Talk in low voices when near animals that may not react well to more animated chatter.
    • Stay seated during animal sightings unless your guide gives you permission to move around.
    • Keep your hands, arms, legs, feet, and heads inside the safari vehicle, especially around animals.
    • Never reach out to touch the animals.
  • Prepare for off-road driving. Safari guides are exceptional drivers. They have to be. Their roads are dirt tracks, marshlands, waterways, tall brush, narrow paths, and so much more. The good news is this means that you can go where the animals are and see things you could never see outside the bush. But don’t expect an always smooth ride because we cannot promise that.
  • Trust in the community. When you go on safari with a reputable company and guide, you are never alone on safari. The entire community will come together to help if there is ever a need. For example, on a recent safari, another camp’s vehicle got stuck in deep water. Within an hour, 10-12 different safari vehicles and guides stopped to help rescue the vehicle and guests. Vehicle breakdowns, flat tires, and other mishaps can happen, but there is always help available. That’s why your guide has a radio connected to the entire community and camp—just in case.

Safari Safety: Injuries, Sickness, and More…

safari guests at campLastly, you might be worried about being in the bush if something happens: you get sick, someone in your group gets injured, you have an allergic reaction, etc. If you need a doctor or a hospital, being away from civilization can seem terrifying. That’s why a key element of Botswana safari safety is our plan for first aid.

We do not leave your health or safety up to chance. We have various plans and contingencies in place to take care of you in case the worst should happen.

  • Okavango Air Rescue: If a worst-case scenario should occur and you need emergency help, we would go with Okavango Air Rescue to get you to the hospital as quickly as possible. They have a medically equipped helicopter and emergency doctor who we can call to evacuate you from the bush immediately.
  • First Aid Treatment: If you have a smaller injury that doesn’t require a doctor, we have multiple first aid kits around camp and in our vehicles that are available. These kits contain everything you would need for basic first aid.
  • Non-Emergency Aid: If you become sick or injured in such a way that you are unable to finish your safari, but it is not an emergency needing immediate attention, we will work with the local bush flight companies to get you back to Maun or Kasane and a local doctor. Depending on your situation, we also might be able to drive you back into town.

We Take Your Botswana Safari Safety Seriously!

The key thing to note when it comes to your safety on safari is that your safety is our number one goal. It is even more important than getting the perfect picture or seeing all the wildlife. We know you will not have a good time if you feel unsafe or you get hurt.

If you have any questions or concerns about Botswana safari safety, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]. We promise an African safari is worth it. You will not regret a moment!

2024 Botswana Safari: Okavango Delta Flood Update

2024 Botswana Safari: Okavango Delta Flood Update

One of the things that makes a Botswana safari so unique is the Okavango Delta. Known as “the river that never meets the sea,” the Delta is an incredible, ever-changing floodplain that you have to experience to believe. It is different every season and a surprise from year to year, making every Botswana safari a unique experience.
So, let’s talk about the Okavango Delta for your 2024 Botswana safari.
  • How the flood works.
  • What you can expect.
  • The best time to visit.
  • Why floodplains make the best safari experience.

All About the Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta Flooding

The Okavango Delta is an extensive inland delta system located in north-western Botswana. It is one of the world’s most pristine and untransformed wetland systems. As a uniquely adaptable ecosystem, you’ll find a remarkable habitat with incredible species diversity and ecological resilience.

Approximately 600,000 hectares (6000 KM) and up to 1.2 million hectares (12,000 KM) of seasonally flooded areas. The Unesco World Heritage Convention designates 2.28 million hectares to the Delta in total area. So, suffice it to say, it’s massive.

Known as an endorheic delta, the Okavango has no sea outlet. Instead, its waters drain into the Kalahari Basin and its desert sands. As a result, the dry Kalahari Desert habitat is home to a nutrient-rich and sustainable ecosystem. This miraculous area is beautiful and home to a diverse range of species.

Thanks to the amazing ebb-and-flow of the Okavango Delta’s water system, there is no limit to the spectacular wildlife displays you can see on your 2024 Botswana safari. There’s a chance for everything from large herds of African elephants, buffalo, zebra, and red lechwe to hyena clans, lion prides, and wild dog packs.

The Delta’s habitat includes:

  • 1061 species of plants
  • 89 fish
  • 64 reptiles
  • 482 species of birds (including 24 globally threatened birds)
  • 130 species of mammals (including the world’s largest population of elephants)

Seasonal Rains in Angola & the Annual Flood Tide.

Every year, the Okavango Delta relies on the rainy season in Angola (October – April) for its flood waters. Even though Angola is not a border-sharing country, it is the origin of all the rivers that supply the delta with water. So, when the summer rains hit Angola, the water fills the Cubango and Cuito rivers. From there, the water travels into Namibia, becoming the Kavango River. Finally, the waters reach Botswana and begin the seasonal flood of the Okavango Delta.
Now, as you can imagine, this is a long process. So, while the summer and spring seasons bring rains to Angola, the winter and fall seasons bring the annual flood tide to Botswana—peaking in June and July. Ironically, during the peak of Botswana’s dry season, you’ll find the most vibrant wetland. The Parid landscape transforms from sand, dry, and brown depressions into extensive waterways, flood plains, and swamps with crystal clear waters.
Throughout the year, the Okavango Delta continuously transfers its geography in a complex interplay of climatic and biological processes.  Islands, channels, river banks, flood plains, and lagoons come and go based on the rains and flood waters.

What Can You Expect on a 2024 Safari in the Delta

Botswana's Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta has been dealing with drought for the last few years. Water levels have been low, and the floods haven’t been as spectacular as usual. This is for a variety of reasons, including poor rainfall in Angola. To learn more about this complex ecosystem, we highly recommend the National Geographic documentary, Into the Okavango. It is an interesting and educational film all about the flood waters.
So, what about your 2024 Botswana safari? How are the floods looking?
Things were very dry in the early season (October – November 2023). And there were a lot of fears that this season would be another drought. But El Niño came to the rescue…6 weeks late. Over the past month (December to January), Angola has received abnormally heavy rains—almost twice the level of rain as last year. In fact, it is some of the most rain we’ve seen in 4 years. Even Maun, Botswana (a town just outside of the Delta) has seen 80mm of rain in January so far.
What does this mean for a safari in the Delta? As those rains make their way down the rivers and into the Delta, we’ll see groundwater rise across the region. This should make for some truly beautiful scenery and happy wetlands for the wildlife. We’re truly excited to see what the season brings!

The Best Time To Go On Your 2024 Botswana Safari

So, when should you schedule your 2024 Botswana safari for the best experience with the most abundant animal activity? You want to arrive after the floods arrive, and the Delta comes to life with great migrations of predators and prey. This generally occurs from July until October, which ironically correlates with Botswana’s dry season. There may be little rain, but there’s lots of groundwater.
Going on safari during this time means that animals are crowded into a smaller number of outer-lying dry areas, which creates some incredible wildlife opportunities. When you have a large number of animals forced to share what little land is available (and nowhere to hide), it is the perfect recipe for game-viewing. Plus, with so much nutrient-rich water available, animals migrate hundreds (if not thousands) of kilometers to enjoy the plentiful food and drink.
This does not mean that you shouldn’t visit Botswana any other time. During the green and shoulder seasons (Nov – June), you’ll find vibrant colors, baby animals (it’s a birthing season), and fewer crowds with lower prices. During this time, you’ll not only save money on safari but also have fantastic wildlife opportunities.
Botswana Delta floodplains

Unique Activities to Enjoy the Okavango Delta

During the flood season, when water levels are high, there are a number of different ways to enjoy the Delta. At a “dry” camp, you’ll take game drives and/or walking safaris around the flood waters and enjoy seeing a hugely diverse population of animals.

You can also participate in a water safari, an entirely unique and incredible way to experience the Delta.

Mokoro Safari (Canoe Safari)

A traditional mokoro safari is an enchanting and fascinating way to explore the beauty of Botswana’s Okavango Delta. You’ll journey through reed-lined channels in a dug-out canoe, propelled with poles and guided by local experts.

As you glide in relative silence through the peaceful waters, you’ll enjoy the sounds of nature, from the croak of the smallest frog to the grunts of hippos, bird songs, and watery footsteps. And from the water, everything becomes larger and grander. Trees will tower overhead, elephants will appear as gentle giants, and the landscape will seem to last forever.

Boating Safari

Another type of water activity is the boating safari, which takes place on a motorized boat. This is a classic way to see as much as possible from the water. You’ll explore the vast waterways of the Okavango Delta by going where vehicles can’t.

We offer boating safaris only in Moremi Game Reserve, and they are subject to water levels, weather, and availability.  Contact [email protected] to ask about boating during your 2024 Botswana safari!


Plan Your 2024 Botswana Safari

Are you ready to plan your 2024 Botswana safari? There’s no better time than now! We still have availability throughout the year with discounts for larger groups and the more nights you stay with us.

So, the time is now if you have always dreamed of going on safari and seeing the Okavango Delta. The 2024 Botswana safari season is shaping up to be an incredible one. Email us at [email protected] to learn more!

Best of Botswana Safari Holiday: 2023

Best of Botswana Safari Holiday: 2023

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the best Botswana safari holiday experiences in 2023! It was a truly incredible year, and the entire Brave Africa team would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to each one of you. This year has been wonderful, and it’s largely because of your support and enthusiasm for the adventures we offer in beautiful Botswana.

2023’s Best of Botswana Safari Holiday

Here are a few highlights from 2023 that we wanted to share with you! Let us know your favorites in the comments. Then, email us at [email protected] or contact us on our website to plan your 2024 safari adventure!

Walking with Buffalo in Khwai

One of our favorite Botswana safari holiday memories happened in July, when a family of five FINALLY joined us on safari after postponing since 2020. They came for their daughter’s birthday, and on one very special day, they walked for three hours in the middle of a huge herd of buffalo. It was incredibly magical and an experience to remember forever!


Traditional Night Dinner

We have to highlight every time we celebrated traditional Botswana night for dinner and shared Botswana BBQ, dancing, singing, and fellowship with our guests. These are always some of our favorite evenings after a great safari day.


Elephants Visit Camp

Elephants at Safari Camp

A shout-out to every single time elephants joined us at camp, so our guests could enjoy the herd just outside of their tent. It’s always a memorable Botswana safari holiday experience. And we always try to choose our campsites specifically to have the BEST chance of animals at camp.


Traditional Bread-Making in the Bush

We loved making fresh-baked bread in the bush with some of our younger guests. It’s a great activity if you want a break from going out on game drives or if you just want to experience something different and unique.


Up Close Time with Lions

We always love getting to spend alone time with the wildlife. This year, in particular, we had a lot of close-up experiences with lions. In this instance, we enjoyed a lioness and her sister with a still-suckling cub! These types of encounters happen all the time while on safari, but they are always memorable.


Safari Activities for Children: Archery

Kids have the best time at Brave Africa! Not only do they get to enjoy our regular safari experiences, but we also have special kids-only programming for extra fun. On one of our favorite family trips this year, our two young guests participated in an archery competition with each other, and had an absolute blast! It’s just one of our fabulous safari activities for children.

Rare Cheetah Sighting!

Cheetahs are a rare sight! They usually travel alone and are very skittish. But on this day, a cheetah gave our Brave Africa guests an awesome sighting by hanging around and marking a tree right in front of them. It was a dream come true for our guests and our team. These sightings and so many more are what make a truly unforgettable Botswana safari holiday!


Hyena Cackle Experience

Watching scavangers do what scavangers do! This hyena clan ( or cackle) enjoyed their meal right in front of our vehicle. And one adventurous hyena even decided to check us out to see if we had anything more to offer. We did not. But we always appreciate a close-up!


Lion Pride Enjoying a Kill

It is a rare but special opportunity to watch a large pride of lions eating a fresh kill. But on this special Botswana safari holiday during the summer, our guests got to experience it. Our amazing guide, Wina, discovered a recently hunted buffalo with an entire pride of lions still feasting on their prey (cubs included). And our guests got to sit there for hours and just enjoy the spectacle.


Every Sundowner!

Sundowners are, without a doubt, one of our favorite times on safari. We take a break from looking for wildlife to just sit and soak in the beauty of Botswana. Our guide finds an incredibly beautiful spot in the bush. Then, we get out the drinks and snacks, and everyone enjoys the breathtaking Botswana sunset. There are few views better.


Lion Roar

There are hundreds more Botswana safari holiday experiences we could share with you, but we’ll end with one of our favorite sounds in the bush: the lion’s roar.



Enjoy Our 2023 Best of Botswana Safari Holiday Reel

Each Botswana safari holiday in 2023 has been a unique journey, filled with unforgettable experiences. We hope your time with us has left you with cherished memories and stories to tell for years to come. Your trust in us is not something we take for granted, and we look forward to welcoming many of you back in the future.
Thank you once again for choosing Brave Africa for your Botswana adventure. Here’s to many more journeys together!
—The Brave Africa Team
African Wildlife Safaris: What Are They?

African Wildlife Safaris: What Are They?

Has someone told you, “You just have to go on an African wildlife safari!”? But you were not sure what they meant. Don’t worry! You are not alone.

While an African wildlife safari is a bucket list vacation for many people, it can also be intimidating and confusing. We get so many questions about going on a safari—what it is, how it works, where to go, etc.—that we wanted to create a blog series to help you out.

Over the next few blogs, we’re going to deep dive into everything you need to know about African wildlife safaris. For this first blog, we are starting with “What is an African Wildlife Safari?”

So, let’s go!

What is an African Wildlife Safari?

In the simplest terms, an African Wildlife Safari is a sightseeing trip to observe animals in the wild (bush). These are NOT hunting safaris. No animals are harmed during a wildlife safari. Instead, you go out in a 4×4 vehicle and search for animals in the vastness of the African wilderness—off-road and/or on designated paths.

The word “safari” is actually a Swahili word that means “journey or trip.” This is why, when we discuss going on safari, we don’t talk about an end goal. It’s about spending time exploring the bush and everything it has to offer. It is about the journey, and experiencing everything you can—and not the destination.

Wildlife Safari Guides

Brave Africa Safari Guide

An African wildlife safari can be professionally guided or self-guided. Though we HIGHLY recommend a guide. A safari guide is a professionally trained individual who:

  • has a passion for wildlife,
  • has studied animal behavior and tracking,
  • has a deep knowledge of the bush,
  • and is ultimately responsible for your incredible (and safe) experience.

An unguided safari is more like driving through a national park in other areas of the world and hoping you see something, anything. You rent a 4×4 and drive on the paths and roads, crossing your fingers that wildlife will be nearby and easy to spot. There is no guide to help you track, and you will NOT be in an open-air vehicle for your own safety.

But a wildlife safari guide offers even more than the ability to find more animals. They are also living encyclopedias. We dare you to try and stump your guide with a question. If they have been guiding for a few years, there are few questions they have not answered and few facts about the animals, landscape, plants, and stars that they have not learned.

What Are the Different Types of Wildlife Safaris?

Now that you know what an African wildlife safari is, let’s talk about the different types of safari experiences you can expect. It may seem a lot more complicated than a trip to the city or theme park, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are three main types of safaris, each at a different price point and with a unique experience: Self-Drive Safaris, Mobile Camping Safaris, and Lodge Safaris.

Self-Drive Safaris

Self-Drive African Safari

This is the most basic type of safari and the most affordable (kind of). You rent a car, buy tickets to a national park, and drive yourself and your family around the park searching for animals.

The simplest version of a self-drive safari is a day trip to a park such as Kruger National Park in South Africa. In this case, you would purchase a park ticket for one day and drive along the roads within the public portion of the park and see what animals you can see. You CANNOT drive off-road in this case, and you will be in the portion of Kruger that is open to all tourists (this means it is BUSY).

A more complicated type of self-drive safari is a multi-day camping safari. For this type of self-drive safari, you would rent a 4×4 vehicle and pay for a campsite within a national park such as the Khwai Community Concession. You would set up your campsite, and then every day of your trip, drive out in your vehicle along the paths to see what wildlife you can discover. You would need to be proficient at both camping and driving off-road.

The key thing to remember about self-drive safaris is that you are 100% on your own. You do not have a professional guide who knows the area or the animals. You have to be completely self-sufficient. Oftentimes, this results in vehicles getting stuck and needing to be rescued or poor animal sightings because you can’t track them.

Mobile Camping Safaris

Mobile Camping Safari. Brave Africa

The next type of safari is a mobile camping safari. This is what we are at Brave Africa. Basically, you work with a safari company to go on a guided safari. The company provides the tents, vehicles, food, and professional guides to make your experience as incredible as possible.

The difference between a mobile camping safari and a lodge is that a mobile safari takes place in mobile tents that can move between locations. This means you can sign up for one safari package, and the company will move you between locations on your safari without you having to book different lodges in different locations and pay for travel between each site. Think of it like paying for a tour versus paying for separate hotels.

However, it is important to note that there are different levels of mobile camping safaris.

  • Basic: The basic level includes very small camping tents without attached baths or toilets, and that you may need to set up and tear down yourself. You should also expect simple meals (sandwiches or basic fare cooked over a fire), and very few other accommodations. You mostly pay for the professional guide and the safari vehicle to take you around. This is a no-frills type of camping safari.
  • Premier: A comfortable but modest mobile camping safari experience, which includes larger tents that are put up and taken down by the safari company. But the tents still tend to be basic along with the meals. You should expect drop toilets, potentially communal shower areas, cots instead of mattresses, and basic meals. This is a good option for people who are okay with roughing it.
  • Luxury: At the highest level, you’ll find mobile camping safaris like Brave Africa. We are a full-service African wildlife safari offering outstanding amenities, ambiance, service, and experiences. We offer large 3-room tents, luxurious mattresses, flushing toilets, private showers, superb chef-cooked meals, a fully-stocked bar, and all the amenities. We take care of everything just like if you were staying at a lodge. You’ll have a professional guide, daily housekeeping, laundry services, chef-prepared meals, and so much more.

For a mobile camping safari, you typically book a longer multi-day trip with a company that will allow you to go on safari in a few different locations. For example, we offer both 6-night and 9-night mobile camping safaris where you spend 3 nights at each campsite before moving to another location. Think of it like booking a safari tour, and all you have to do is show up and we do the rest.

Here are some tips for planning your ultimate mobile camping safari experience.

Lodge Safaris

Lodge Safari

The final type of safari is the lodge safari. This experience is most similar to booking an all-inclusive hotel. You find a lodge in a location where you would like to stay, and you book your room in the lodge for however long you want to stay.

If you want to visit multiple locations in the African bush, you need to book a room at different lodges and figure out transportation between each location (bush flight, helicopter, road transfer). For most locations in southern and eastern Africa, moving between lodges means paying for a bush flight. This is because camp locations are normally an all-day drive away through the bush. So, you’ll normally hop on a bush flight and get picked up at your next lodge. This is the main difference between a luxury mobile camping safari and a lodge safari—as a camping safari includes transfers between camps.

But lodges provide the ULTIMATE luxury. Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, you can stay in the most elegant and opulent lodge imaginable, with private pools in each room, the highest-end liquors, and the full range of world-class comforts and delights. There are also lower-end lodges that use very similar tents to Brave Africa and have a very similar experience, but you will still pay more for the lodge because their expenses are slightly higher, and you’ll require more bush flights.

Plan Your African Wildlife Safari Today

An African wildlife safari is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you do not want to miss. It is transformative and life-enriching. You will talk about it for years to come!

And, if you are like most guests, your first safari will not be your last. You’ll discover how incredible it is to sleep under the stars, hear a lion’s powerful roar, witness colorful birds in flight, and make memories that fill you with wonder and excitement. You will not only want to come back, but you will want to share the experience with everyone you meet.

So, if you are ready to take the plunge and plan your Botswana safari, reach out to Brave Africa today. You can email us at [email protected] or submit a contact form on our website.

Discounts on Your 2023 Safari with Brave Africa

Discounts on Your 2023 Safari with Brave Africa

We are thrilled to offer last-minute bookings on your safari with Brave Africa for 2023 at a significant discount! Receive $100-off per night per person for any safaris booked in August, September, October, and November 2023! That’s $900 in savings on our 9-night safari (per person) and $600 in savings on our 6-night safari (per person). There’s even a savings of $40/night for low-season safaris booked in December!

This is a one-time-only special, so don’t hesitate to book now! These fill-the-calendar rates are only available for the end of the 2023 season.

Pay Less for Last-Minute Safari Bookings in 2023!

2023 Safari Discounts with Brave Africa

As part of this year-end special, we are also removing our fees for custom safaris. As long as your safari meets our minimum requirements ( 2 guests and 3 nights) there is no additional fee for a non-standard safari. Whether you need a 5-night safari for 3 guests or a 3-night safari for 2 guests, we would be happy to make your safari possible.

Why Should You Book a Safari with Brave Africa?

There are so many reasons to book a safari with Brave Africa now, and it’s not just our great pricing! We have one of the best guides in Botswana, our mobile safari offers lodge-like comfort combined with an authentic experience, and our team is dedicated to hospitality and ensuring you have a wonderful time on safari that you’ll remember forever.

Meet Tabona Wina: Brave Africa’s Founder, President, and World-Class Guide

Brave Africa Guide

“Mr. Tabona Wina is a skillful guide, with a deep knowledge of the flora and fauna of Botswana. He was able to locate and track many wonderful animals. We felt safe while on safari drive with him.” —PaultVo TripAdvisor

“If you don’t have a “Wina” (our guide), you don’t have ½ the experience. Wina has 10+ years experience in Botswana. He knows every animal, behavior, tracking paw prints, birds, even knows about animal poop!” —Rick TripAdvisor

“I went on the most wonderful safari with Wina and his dedicated team. I’ve been on a few safaris in my time and this has been far and away the best. Wina is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about nature!” —Leo TripAdvisor

Check out our latest blog all about guiding to learn more!

Brave Africa is a Mobile Safari Offering Lodge-Like Comfort

Brave Africa Camp

“Oh, and of course there was the 5-star all inclusive accommodation. My wife has never camped in her life and had only compliments. From king size beds, to toilets, to warm showers… this is a luxurious way to enjoy nature. All done sustainably and in harmony with the surrounding environment.” —Fernando TripAdvisor

“For a luxury mobile tented safari but at a reasonable price you can’t beat this company. The tents are luxurious (very comfortable beds), the staff extremely attentive and the food cooked by Rachel exceptional.” —Michael TripAdvisor

“Now to the Brave Africa mobile camp. Can I just say, I’m NOT a camper and have never once considered a camping vacation. Well, this is not camping and it’s even a step or two above glamping. The tents are huge with 3 separate sections and a covered porch-all divided by zippers. The front section holds 2 twin beds that can be converted into a king (with comforter, decorative pillows and throw), 2 nightstands, and a canvas floor and rugs. The next section holds the toilet! It’s a regular full-size toilet, a stand with for the wash basin, pitcher, hand soap, lotion, etc. and a closet. The back section is the outdoor shower (fully enclosed for privacy), with shampoo, conditioner and soap included. We even had DAILY laundry service. The Brave Africa staff was just lovely, so welcoming and accommodating.” —Sheree TripAdvisor

Read our blog comparing our mobile safari to a safari lodge for more insight!

Discover Exceptional Hospitality and Have an Experience to Remember Forever


“I cannot write a review without mentioning the large staff. Every single one of them were one of the loveliest people I have ever met. They simply cared…about everything, singing beautiful songs as a group, which I will never forget. The team was genuinely interested in who I was and wanted to know more. They smiled with such a genuineness that will bring me back to share more experiences with them, again.” —Laurie, Trip Advisor

“What a top notch Mobil Safari Camp by Brave Africa. I loved the warm bucket shower which prepared ahead by the staff, on the cool nights and before bedtime, I stepped out on our tent patio to do my brushing under the starry night. Love it!!! The Brave Africa staff was very courteous and friendly, and this was a once in a lifetime trip to remember. We will be back.” —Mylinh TripAdvisor

“And then there were the accommodations and food. The tent had twin beds pushed together to make a king and very comfortable. The flushable indoor toilet was fabulous, along with the bucket shower that was filled up with warm water for us. I am not into camping so this was right up my alley! The food was 5 star as well, and no shortage of it. We had 3 meals along with snacks on safari. We enjoyed a few drinks with Wina every evening – he is a gracious host! The entire team was incredibly friendly and it was just a fun time. Fun and educational. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using this company for a safari in Botswana. I’m even telling random travel agents I run into!” —Susan TripAdvisor

Discover 5 more reasons to safari with Brave Africa here.

Book a Safari with Brave Africa Today!

If you would like to book a safari with us and take advantage of our amazing 2023 discounts, contact us today! You can:

  • Send us an email: [email protected]
  • Call our team on WhatsApp: +1 720-474-2965 (United States ) or +267 71 701 841 (Botswana)

We would be happy to help you plan your trip and create memories of a lifetime with you.

Being a Safari Guide in Botswana: Tabona Wina

Being a Safari Guide in Botswana: Tabona Wina

Any experienced safari enthusiast will tell you, “The most important element of an outstanding safari is the guide.” Safari guides play a crucial role in providing travelers with a memorable and safe experience in the African bush.

At Brave Africa, we understand this deep in our soul. In fact, it is the basis of our foundation: one of our owners and founders is a safari guide. And that’s why we are so proud to have some of the best safari guides in Botswana.

What Does a Safari Guide in Botswana Do?

Botswana Safari Guiding

So, what does a safari guide do exactly? They are far more important than you might realize.

  • Guest Safety: Your safari guide is ultimately responsible for your safety. They have spent years learning everything there is to know about spending time in the Bush. Whether it’s understanding when and how to approach animals, navigating nature, or setting guest rules, safety is always a top priority.
  • Passion for Wildlife: With a talent for reading and understanding animal behavior and the language of the Bush, safari guides share their passion for wildlife with every guest. Not only will they educate you about every animal you see, but they’ll make sure the safari experience is as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible.
  • Animal Tracking: A safari is not a zoo. The animals are wild and free to roam, but your guide has the skills to track them. This is especially important for predators, which can be difficult to find if you don’t know the sounds and tracks to look for.
  • Share Knowledge: There are hundreds of birds, thousands of unique flora and fauna, and dozens and dozens of difficult animals. Somehow, your guide will know them all. They are walking and talking encyclopedias on everything in the bush.
  • Camp Hospitality: On safari, your guide is not just your connection to the wilderness they are also your Bush host. They’ll become your close companion on long game drives, at meal times, and so many moments in between.

Meet Tabona Wina: Brave Africa’s Premier Safari Guide


Tabona Wina is a Motswana born and raised in Francistown, Botswana. He is a Co-owner, President, and Founder at Brave Africa Safaris, as well as a level 3 experienced guide (the highest level).

Early Life

From a young child, Wina has always been interested in animals and nature. Whether he was spending time on a farm, in the plowing fields, or at the cattle posts, his favorite part was working with the sheep, cattle, and goats. And while doing so, he also gained exposure to the wilds, sparking his love and passion for the Bush.

But living in the city, Wina didn’t have very many opportunities to explore nature—at least as much as he wanted, especially as his schooling got more intense. So, for a while, he left the Bush behind and began his career working in Public Health after college. But while his job was fulfilling, it couldn’t replace the joy and beauty Wina found in the wild.

Career as a Safari Guide in Botswana

Then, in 2007, the opportunity finally came for Wina to go back to his first love. With the help of his family, he followed his heart and pursued his dream of becoming a safari guide by joining the Tourism Industry. And the rest is history.

Wina reignited his love and passion for the Bush immediately. And by 2008, he earned his professional guiding license and a job guiding at African Bush Camps (ABC)—a premier safari company with lodges in Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

For over a decade, Wina helped grow ABC while exploring his passion for wildlife, the environment, and amazing guest experiences. Under the guidance of Beks Ndlovu at ABC, he learned the guiding principles of intuition, respect, and sharing, and developed an incredible depth of knowledge and breadth of experience that is unparalleled. He quickly became the go-to guide for special guests and was regularly requested by anyone and everyone in the know.

Founding of Brave Africa

Then, in 2018, Wina was given a new opportunity. While guiding a young American couple on an incredible Safari in Linyanti and Savuti, he shared his private dream of owning his own safari company. They believed in him and his vision, and a year later in 2019, Brave Africa Safaris was born.

Wina is not just the President and Co-Owner of Brave Africa, he is our beating heart. It is his deep love and respect for the Botswana Bush that is woven into every aspect of our company from our “leave no trace behind” campsites to our all-day immersive safaris. Everything that is Bush-based is his forté. For Wina, there is nothing better than sharing his passion for wildlife with others.

Being a safari guide in Botswana is not just Tabona Wina’s dream; it is his calling!

5 Questions and Answers with Tabona Wina


  1. How long have you been a guide? 15 years
  2. After so long as a guide, do you still enjoy it? Yes! Animal behavior is just amazing. Over the years, I’ve never lost my love. I really really enjoy my time in the bush. This is my destiny. I am going to die in the Bush.
  3. What is one of your favorite parts of being a guide? You never stop learning! You learn something new every single day you are in the Bush. Whether you are looking at vegetation, insects, or animal behavior, there is always something to learn. Whenever I am in the Bush, I feel like I’m growing my education.
  4. Do you have a favorite animal? I love all the animals, but I have developed a particular love for elephants. I think in my previous life I was an elephant. I get so attached to them; I can feel their presence. They have a beautiful social structure with a Matriarchal society where the entire herd follows the oldest female. And the thought of that is incredible.
  5. Do you have a particular guiding memory about elephants you can share? I had always heard and understood that elephants can mourn family members when they die, but I had never witnessed it. But when I was working for ABC in Linyanti one time, there was a local elephant we knew very well. He was an ancient guy with one tusk who died of old age. A few months later when he was just bones, I passed by his skeleton and found six Bull elephants with massive tusks surrounding the bones. Looking at their facial expressions, I could see they were mourning. I watched them for a while as one elephant picked a bone off of the ground and played with it in his tusk, tasted it, and then passed it to the next elephant. The bone went around the entire circle until it went back to the first elephant and then they walked off with the bone before tossing it in a new location. It was an amazing experience watching them scatter bones just as humans scatter ashes.

What do Guests Say About Tabona Wina as a Safari Guide in Botswana?

Tabona Wina Safari Guide in Botswana

“How do I know there are 23 types of antelope – because of our fabulous guide Wina. He MADE the entire adventure. He was a walking Wikipedia with 3 years of schooling and 10 years of experience. I just can’t say enough about Wina. Besides his vast knowledge and charming personality, he always made our safety his top priority.” —Sheree F. TripAdvisor

“Mr. Tabona Wina is a skillful guide, with a deep knowledge of the flora and fauna of Botswana. He was able to locate and track many wonderful animals – elephants, lions, cheetah, hyenas and wild dogs, to name a few. We felt safe while on safari drive with him.” —PaultVo TripAdvisor

“If you don’t have a “Wina” (our guide), you don’t have ½ the experience. Wina has 10+ years experience in Botswana, he taught most of the guides. He knows every animal, behavior, tracking paw prints, birds, even knows about animal poop! Very important if you want to catch your animal. It’s like we’re hunting in a Landcruiser, everyone on watch, hoping to spy the next amazing sighting!” —Rick F. TripAdvisor

“Mostly however the superb skills of the resourceful Tabona Wina as Guide make this really special as he has an extraordinary ability to find game.” —Michaelk TripAdvisor

“I went on the most wonderful safari with Wina and his dedicated team. I’ve been on a few safaris in my time and this has been far and away the best. Wina is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about nature, and through his skill we were able to see a whole range of animals from lions to painted dogs to buffalo to elephants and, most excitingly of all, a leopard!” —LJHK TripAdvisor

“Wina is in a class ALL by himself, an expert tracker and naturalist who knew what seemed to me, everything about the bush. Everyday was a new and exciting adventure. It didn’t matter at all that we were in ‘Green’ season and that all the bush was full and tall. He tracked dogs, cats, hyena, cheetah, leopard and spotted all the little birds and animals that I would never have seen, had I not been with such an accomplished guide. Wina cares about them all, so deeply. He educated me about everything that my endlessly curious mind wanted to know!” —Herbeingness TripAdvisor

“Tabona Wina is a great guide, host and manager. We saw so many animals: elephants, lions, zebra, impala, a cheetah, a leopard, hippos, giraffe, buffalo and more. On day 2, Wina stopped the vehicle and said, “I see a hyena…he has blood on his mouth”. We could barely see it but he could, and off road we went to find about a dozen of them feasting on a recent kill. We just sat in the vehicle and watched. I felt like we were inside our own little nature documentary. Wina knows so much about the animals, birds and vegetation. He was constantly teaching us about our surroundings. He is so passionate and loves nature. Didn’t hurt that I was also nudging him for more info!” —E7158S TripAdvisor